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Our technology and telecommunications infrastructure sets the bar for one call centers nationwide

One Call Concepts has invested heavily in telecommunications infrastructure, and our systems are the benchmark for the 811 Call Before You Dig industry. We rely on this infrastructure to provide 24/7 support without disruption, capturing every call that comes into your call center.

Sophisticated PBX software as the backbone
We use powerful software as the foundation for the state-of-the-art PBX telephone systems in each of our one call centers. We are constantly evolving PRISM, the sophisticated software developed by One Call Concepts, which powers these systems. We are always innovating and adding sophisticated features that help reduce wait time and improve call resolution.

Redundancy and disaster recovery
One Call Concepts is fully prepared for emergencies that could affect your one call center services. Our systems provide full redundancy to head off disruptions and ensure continuity.

If disruptions do occur due to bad weather, power outages or other situations, each one of our one call centers is equipped to provide “mutual support” — meaning that calls can immediately and seamlessly begin rolling over to another region’s call center. Customer service representatives can instantly access the right database to complete a locate request, and the process is virtually invisible to the caller or the member. We are generally able to resolve the most critical disruptions quickly with minimal impact to your business.

Interactive Voice Response
Our Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR), the industry’s most advanced, provides significant labor savings for one call centers by handling the front-end questioning and reading back ticket numbers for callers submitting routine requests and checking status. In addition, One Call Concepts is currently developing the ability for callers to start a ticket using IVR while on hold and waiting to talk to a customer service representative, improving the call experience and resolution time for customers.