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One Call Concepts products and services support everyone involved in underground utility damage prevention

Our No. 1 goal is preventing damage and loss while keeping our communities safe — and to achieve this, One Call Concepts is dedicated to providing solutions to every organization and person with a role in utility damage prevention. 

The backbone of an effective one call notification system is powerful software that enables call centers to quickly and accurately take in and process digging requests across a broad geographic region. One Call Concepts pioneered the call center management software that set the standards for our industry. We continuously evolve our software through close partnerships with our clients, allowing us to shape the direction of our technology to meet changing industry needs.

Learn about our solutions for


One Call Notification Centers

Find out how we can help you manage the everyday operation of your one call center cost-effectively and efficiently.


See our software products that help construction companies and contractors, public departments, and other excavators manage their hundreds of dig requests more efficiently.

Facility Operators

Utilities and other facility operators can more effectively manage their locate requests with easy-to-use online software from One Call Conceptsgs.

State Regulators and Notification Center Boards of Directors

See our comprehensive services and products for governing bodies responsible for one call and utility damage prevention.