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Technology that supports the full lifecycle of a one call ticket

When a property owner or excavator calls an 811 call center or files a dig request online, it kicks off a whole series of events. The dig request moves through an entire system of checks and hand-offs to ensure accuracy and maximum coverage. When managed effectively, this lifecycle helps one call centers fulfill their mission of damage prevention while remaining cost-efficient.

Technology plays a key role in keeping a one call ticket moving smoothly through every stage. One Call Concepts offers a full suite of sophisticated software that supports everyone involved in the lifecycle of one call ticket management.


We all benefit from underground utility damage prevention — our communities are safer, our infrastructure remains intact and our businesses stay productive.

One Call Concepts provides the end-to-end solutions that help everyone involved with underground damage prevention work more efficiently, save money, and get critical information. We are distinctive for our:

  • End-to-end approach to damage prevention, with products and services addressing the full continuum of needs
  • Collaborative partnerships with our customers and customized approach to solutions
  • Industry leadership and extensive experience serving the one call industry

ITIC is widely known as a full-featured, easy-to-use web based tool for submitting locate requests to the notification center.  Its success speaks for itself – some centers report receiving more than 60% of their incoming locate request volume through ITIC.

The National Ticket Management System (NTMS) is a suite of five products designed to meet the unique needs of each of the notification center’s stakeholders.  Facility operators can manage tickets, track damages or administer an electronic positive response program.  Excavators can take advantage of web-based program to track their ongoing work, gather status information from the positive response system and better manage their workload.

IMAP is designed specifically to give facility operators full control over their notification area database.  By using IMAP, a facility operator can create, edit or delete their areas of coverage in order to meet their specific needs.  No center intervention is required, no automatic buffers are added – the facility operator is in complete control of the process from the design to the activation of their notification areas.

PRISM Notification Center Software – PRISM was the first software available for damage prevention notification centers that made use of GIS technology.  It remains at the forefront of technological innovation with built-in redundancies, easy-to-manage base maps and fully customized reports and screen routines to meet the need of any modern notification center.  Find out why over ¼ of the United States are served by PRISM.