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Our pioneering PRISM software with precision mapping is the backbone of our full-service one call center solution

Unnecessary field locator dispatches can be costly. Our groundbreaking PRISM one call notification system management software provides true polygon-on-polygon evaluation of the excavation site and fully flexible features to optimize the notification process, so that we can help member utility companies save tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

How it works
One Call Concepts creates a digital “polygon” based on a map created by each member utility company showing the boundaries of their service area. This polygon is installed as a database layer in PRISM.

When processing a locate request, call center staff access a digital base map to identify the excavation site. The customer service representative uses a mouse to draw a  polygon on the base map around the site. PRISM then performs an immediate comparison between the notification databases and the excavation polygon. The completed ticket is prepared for transmission and delivered automatically to only the affected member companies.

PRISM provides significant impact on processing times and accuracy with continuous synchronization between ticket input and mapping. As the representative enters information into the system, PRISM narrows the focus down to the specific job site. The PRISM system is integrated with our one call centers’ telecommunications systems and acts as a backbone to our full-service call center operations.

Advanced features of PRISM
Since we introduced PRISM 20 years ago, we have continuously evolved the software and the code behind it to address the modern, sophisticated needs of our changing industry. We have continued to add hundreds of new features and capabilities that dramatically increase accuracy and deliver the best to our customers and members. Some of the unique features of PRISM that make a difference to our customers include:

  • Customized ticket formats for any member
  • Robust reporting
  • A range of options for communicating to member utility companies (phone, email, FTP)
  • Third-party maps interface that lets excavators draw their excavation polygons on top of a map (such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Yahoo! Maps, using the online ITIC service) and send that image back to the PRISM database for better accuracy
  • Full integration between our one call centers’ phone systems and PRISM, offering real-time ticket status and member notification via IVR
  • Web-based notification showing member utilities the excavation polygon compared to their member polygon