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States that outsource their one call center management to One Call Concepts do so because it makes sound sense from the twin vantage points of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

But state regulators and the governing bodies of one call notification centers also appreciate One Call Concepts’ philosophy of partnership — which supports each one call center in solving its unique challenges while helping our industry evolve as a whole. Our customers rely on:

Our responsiveness
Our partners don’t just hear from us once in a while — we’re in touch constantly, working hard to understand what’s happening on the ground and taking it back to our development and service teams to learn how we can make things better.

Our network
When you partner with One Call Concepts, you’re never alone. You not only have an expert vendor, you become part of a nationwide network of state one call centers. This network fosters sharing of ideas and best practices and helps our entire industry move ahead with new innovations. In the day to day, it also helps to know that you have other expertly run one call centers backing you up to prevent service disruptions in the case of power outages or other events.

Our customized services
We employ a large team of software developers, a team of accounting professionals, and other professionals who contribute to running your one call center seamlessly while helping to solve your individual challenges. We do it all, exactly the way you need it!

Our flexibility
Customers engage us for the entire, end-to-end call center management service — but also for our powerful software. You can pick and choose the solutions that are right for your situation, and we customize them to meet your individual needs.