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One Call Notification Center 

One Call Notification Center

Decades of experience go into helping your one call notification center run smoothly and cost-effectively

For 30 years, One Call Concepts has been deeply involved in setting standards and rolling out new innovations for every aspect of one call center management. Our one call center services and advanced software products work together seamlessly to support one call notification centers in achieving accuracy and quality while remaining cost-efficient.




Full-Service Call Center Operations and Software
Learn about our turnkey services for your one call centers — and how we collaborate closely with you on every detail to achieve maximum efficiency.


We also offer “a la carte” options, enabling centers to benefit from our expert services even if they are not interested in full-service operations.


Locator Ticket Management Software
See how our online ticket management tools can help locate services more efficiently manage the status and resolution of locate requests.


Quickly and easily enter requests without picking up the phone using ITIC one call Web ticket entry through your state or region’s one call center website.


Ticket Check
This real-time positive response system lets locators easily post status updates to a ticket for viewing by the call center and other stakeholders.


Search & Status
Embed this quick and easy ticket look-up system directly into your one call notification center’s website for quick and easy look-ups by any stakeholder.