One Call Concepts, Inc. partners with Paul Jr. Designs to build 811 Car



One Call Concepts, Inc. partners with Paul Jr. Designs to build 811 Car

On the road again for Damage Prevention

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 8, 2016)

One Call Concepts, Inc. (OCC) is teaming up with Paul Teutul, Jr. of Paul Jr. Designs (PJD) to produce a new icon in damage prevention.  The same team that delivered the 811 Bike is once again at work creating the 811 Car – a new vehicle for damage prevention.

“The 811 Bike continues to draw crowds,” observes Jimmy Jennings, One Call Concepts Locating Services, “I think an 811 Car will have the same attraction on a whole nother crowd.”  Jennings, affectionately known as ‘The Bike Wrangler’, has been primarily responsible for the ‘care and feeding’ of the 811 Bike as it has crisscrossed the United States.

“Millions of people have seen the 811 Bike since Paul Jr. built it in 2011,” says Tom Hoff, OCC’s Chairman and CEO, “I’m excited to be part of another innovative effort to convey the message of damage prevention to even more people with the 811 Car.”

Secrecy surrounds the details of the car’s design and construction for now.  The 811 Car’s formal unveiling is scheduled for The Greater Chesapeake Damage Prevention Training Conference held in Ocean City, Maryland, October 18 – 21, 2016 with a follow-up appearance at the 2017 CGA Conference.  “Everyone was so thrilled with the 811 Bike that I’m looking forward to having another opportunity to create something cool and exciting for this important industry,” said Paul Jr., “Stay tuned!”

Check out this exclusive interview with Paul Jr. from the 2016 CGA Expo in Las Vegas! 


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