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Immediately see and sort by ticket type

Color-coded lists of tickets let you see emergency requests, past due tickets, cases viewed, and more. Sort by location, status, ticket number and other criteria.

Annotate tickets with internal notes and documentation

Add details to each ticket as they become available right in the ticket detail form — so all information is documented in one place.

View detailed maps

Easily pinpoint a utility locate request on a map and overlay it with your utility’s member polygon to see how they correspond.

Transmit positive response

To save you time, the system can electronically transfer positive response to any one call center in the country or communicate directly with the excavator.

Generate billing

The system provides the ability to create custom billing templates so that your team can close out and bill tickets from any location.

Create custom fields

Easily create custom fields to collect pertinent data from your team. The data is associated with each locate request and can be tabulated using the reporting feature.