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Powerful, always evolving software that supports your one call center operations

The backbone of an effective one call notification system is powerful software that enables call centers to quickly and accurately take in and process dig requests across a broad geographic region.

One Call Concepts pioneered the call center management software that set the standards for our industry. We continuously evolve our software through close partnerships with our clients, allowing us to shape the direction of our technology to meet changing industry needs.

One Call Concepts’ one call notification system management software allows call centers to accurately issue locate ticket requests only to affected utilities — saving millions of dollars in costs for customers.
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ITIC online ticket entry
Our one call web ticket software — the industry’s first and most advanced — lets call centers take in dig requests through their websites for better efficiency and increased utilization by excavators.
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Ticket management software
We have developed a full suite of web-based software to address the entire lifecycle of a locate ticket. Learn more about our one call web ticket management software for:
• Facility Operators
• Excavators
• State Regulators