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Working together with our industry partners to take the one call center services industry forward

As the damage prevention industry continues to evolve, One Call Concepts remains the partner to take your organization into the future. Our solutions deliver best-in-class tools that help streamline processes, reduce costs, and allow call centers access to critical data.

We work collaboratively and closely with each one of our call center clients to continue to innovate in ways that solve real and changing challenges. Over our 30 years in business, our call center management software has set the standard for cutting-edge technology that has saved millions of dollars for our clients and improved the science of underground damage prevention.

We continue this tradition of innovation by continuously updating our software through constant reinvestment in our core technologies and close partnerships with our clients. In addition to our one-on-one collaborations, One Call Concepts sponsors a Technology Committee meeting to discuss ideas and recommendations for new innovations that drive one call center efficiency and quality.