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Complete outsourced solutions from the experts in one call center management

Since our industry first proposed standards for utility safety and damage prevention, One Call Concepts has been an integral part of the conversation. We’ve led the way in developing innovations that help states operate 811 Call Before You Dig centers that balance quality service with cost-efficiency.

That unmatched expertise goes into planning, operating and optimizing each one of the one call centers we manage — more than one-quarter of all the 811 Call Before You Dig centers in the United States. We partner with organizations to provide:

  • Consulting on call center management best practices focused on reducing the overall cost of operations while extending cost savings to stakeholders
  • Industry-leading software, infrastructure and specialized services
  • The value and efficiency of outsourcing operations combined with the ability to maintain control over the quality of service
  • Ongoing investment in technology and systems innovations that meet changing industry needs and increase efficiency

Our customers benefit from being part of our nationwide network of one call centers because they can learn from each other. Innovations we work on for an individual region benefit the entire network. This means our one call centers are always evolving to meet new industry challenges.

Learn about each of our areas of expertise that together make up our full-service one call center offering.

We all benefit from underground utility damage prevention — our communities are safer, our infrastructure remains intact and our businesses stay productive.

One Call Concepts provides the end-to-end solutions that help everyone involved with underground damage prevention work more efficiently, save money, and get critical information. We are distinctive for our:

  • End-to-end approach to damage prevention, with products and services addressing the full continuum of needs
  • Collaborative partnerships with our customers and customized approach to solutions
  • Industry leadership and extensive experience serving the one call industry