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One Call Concepts leads the industry with one call center customer service that balances quality and cost-efficiency

When you’re managing a one call center, your goals are twofold. You want to minimize average call time to increase throughput and efficiency. But at the same time, accuracy must be razor-sharp to keep your members’ costs down.

One Call Concepts employs highly trained, deeply experienced customer service representatives that are expert in providing efficient, yet accurate call center service. Many of our CSRs have been working in the one call industry for years, providing priceless institutional knowledge for your damage prevention operation.

Each CSR is skilled at leading callers through the process of filling a locate request and providing fast, accurate answers. Using proprietary PRISM one call software to expedite each call accurately, we treat each call with the highest sense of urgency. That means our customers get responsive 24/7 support from people empowered to resolve callers’ needs satisfactorily.

One Call Concepts handles all hiring and management of your one call center’s dedicated team to meet your region’s unique needs.