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The Request for Proposals process is managed by Jim Holzer, a member of the OCC executive team and client service manager for Iowa and New Jersey. For many years, Jim was responsible for writing the responses and designing the final submission documents for client RFPs, with the final document often approaching 100 pages. While Jim still answers RFPs for OCC today, a lot has changed—and many people have joined the team—since the early days.

 In the early 2010s, as the number of RFPs and OCC clients grew, so did the demand for dedicated graphics and marketing support. As a result, Jim formed the OCC marketing division and creative team in 2011. The first member was Robert Olson a Minnesota customer service representative who had knowledge of graphic design software. Under Jim’s leadership, the two created marketing materials and supported client RFPs.

Client response was overwhelmingly positive, and workload increased enough that another team member was recruited in 2012: Brian Casey, who joined as a technical copywriter. Thanks to his experience as a Minnesota call center lead operator, Brian brought hands-on understanding of OCC’s software. In early 2013, the OCC creative team hired its first external member, Lead Designer Lauren Savage. As the division expanded damage prevention messaging nationwide, Corrine Sullivan was hired in 2016, bringing years of industry event coordination and leadership.

Taylor Jones joined as a web developer in 2017 as clients demanded increasingly sophisticated websites. And, in 2019, OCC bolstered the team’s capabilities further with a formally trained creative director, Kurt Klenzman. Kurt was followed by a second web developer, Erik Anderson; a senior designer, Lettie Wen; a social media specialist, Grace Carlson; and a marketing copywriter, Dana Raidt.

Today, the eight-person OCC creative team in Burnsville, Minnesota, supports all OCC corporate and client marketing needs. Team capabilities include: marketing strategy, campaign ideation, branding, website development and design, social media strategy and community management, graphic design, animation, video creation and editing, and marketing and technical copywriting.

To contact the OCC Creative Team at creative@occinc.com.